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WCF 4.0 and its defaults

The default endpoint and default binding provided by WCF 4.0 are obviously great features that can save developing and testing time, but sometimes this conventional configuration don’t help in case you have some trouble with certain setting that doesn’t work. The setting I mean in this case concern the Windows Authentication over HTTP. To enable this setting you have only to configure the basic http bindings with a specified security mode, like that: and then, obviously, configure the IIS authentication for the site/virtual directory that host your service to enable Windows Authentication and disable Anonymous...

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How to debug Log4Net

If you use Log4Net as log engine for your applications (in my opinion is the best choice), this simple row in application configuration file can save you by a waste of time and probably by a headache too. <add key="log4net.Internal.Debug" value="true"/> When Log4Net doesn’t log anything due to a configuration error it never throw an exception, and this is the expected (and correct) behavior of a log system which should never block an application due to its internal error. Unfortunately when something went wrong it is quite difficult discover the reason if...

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