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Raven2Go posts editor portable application

Raven2Go is a valid alternative to blog posts editor much more famous like Word or Windows Live Writer, and it can even be installed as a portable application in a USB pen drive, feature very useful for people who often move from one pc to another. Main features are: Tabbed true WYSIWYG Editing Manage multiple media storage services Improved content management Manage multiple blogs offline WordPress 2.2+ Page & Tag support Download Powered by Zoundry Raven

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HeidiSQL - Free portable client for Sql server and MySql

  Free portable client for Sql server and MySql. This is the software I always needed! Features: ...

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Web services Contract First development is a great tool for developing web services in a Contract First mode. Develop in such a way means that you start from a WSDL contract that describes everything is concerned with a web service, and only after that you can write code which  that contract is based on. Working with a WSDL can be a very error-prone task because a WSDL is a XML file. The tool is able (among other things) building the server code you need from that file. But this tool is also useful in some particular scenario where you have...

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Link utili della settimana #12

- Microsoft - Domain Oriented N-Layered .NET 4.0 App Sample Per gli amanti (come me) di DDD, ecco un progetto molto interessante riguardante un “DDD N-Layered Architecture Style”, ovvero una applicazione di esempio che mostra uno scenario di business molto semplice che include alcune implementazioni di DDD Design patterns (Repository, UoW, Entity, Aggregate, Value-Object, etc), facendo uso di .Net 4.0, EF 4.0, WCF 4.0, differenti client partendo da WPF e Silverlight. - NHibernate Query Analyzer, open source project, il cui nome dice già tutto Patch for VS 2010 Find and Replace Dialog...

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Raccolta extension methods

Gli extension methods sono una feature estremamente potente ed interessante, introdotta a partire dal .Net Framework 3.5 SP1. A tal proposito, su Codeplex è presente un interessantissima libreria di codice che raccoglie extension methods applicati a svariati tipi. Davvero molto molto utile. Come detto qui da Gianluca Carucci, questa feature non necessita necessariamente della versione 3.5 del .Net Framework per essere utilizzata, ma, con un piccolo accorgimento, è possibile sfruttarne a pieno le potenzialità utilizzando anche il .Net Framework 2.0. Pertanto, nella pagina Codeplex sopra citata, i “requirements” sono errati.

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