June 2011 Blog Posts

AddessAccessDeniedException in WCF 4.0

If you host a WCF service on a machine with UAC enabled, Vista or Win7 for example, you might run into this seemingly strange exception: The reason is due to the fact that to host a WCF service you need to register its url, and this task requires administrator privileges, and this means as well that if you run Visual Studio as Administrator everything works fine, but what if you don’t have this possibility ? Or how to register an URL for it to work ? If you follow the link mentioned in the error message...

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Default endpoints in WCF 4.0

Starting from WCF 4.0 it’s possible to use a default endpoint in absence of explicit configuration. This means that you can avoid to configure an explicit endpont because of a default mapping between protocol schema and bindings described in the configuration file machine.config. Here is the default content of that mapping: <protocolMapping> <clear /> <add scheme="http" binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="" /> ...

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Visual Studio 2010 compilation message error “The exec task needs a command to execute”

If it happens this strange and cryptic error in Visual Studio 2010 while compiling any project: “The exec task needs a command to execute” the reason is this: in any pre or post build event, there is a carriage return character to remove, because Visual Studio 2010 poorly digested the carriage return characters in 'text editor pre-post build events.

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