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Useful links of the week #20

- NHibernate Open Source Projects EcoSystem

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The second Solid principle: OCP

In this post I will speak about the second principle of Object Oriented Design (OOD), i.e. the Open-Closed Principle (OCP). in addition to the first one (SRP)  which I have already spoken in my previous post. This principle was coined by Bertrand Meyer, the same person who coined the term "design by contract", to which I devoted an article that you can view on the  UgiDotNet site. This principle simply states that software entities, i.e. class, "should be opened for extensions but closed for modifications". Now, what does it really means ? We all know that code changes according to...

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Thoughts on Agile, Waterfall and so on..

In the extreme programming mailing list I read this topic that i carried over verbatim: If I had a common flaw I see in all recent projects is that there is more focus on analysis, has passed the message that the analysis is unnecessary and can be done during construction or not do at all. I totally agree with this thought, that is independent from the application of each methodology, whatever you want  

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The first Solid principle: SRP

Some of the principles about the object oriented programming (OOD) deal with design. This design principles are known with the acronym of SOLID. SOLID stands for: (S)ingle Responsibility principle; (O)pen closed principle; (L)iskov substitution principle; (I)nterface segregation principle; (D)ipendency inversion principle In my opinion, these principles are very important to understand if we are to achieve the greatest benefits of OOP. In this post, I'll speak about the first of these principles, i.e. the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP). In future posts, I hope, I'll speak about the others. The SRP is perhaps the easiest to understand and the easier to violate. This principle states...

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Usefull links of the week #19

- A set of LINQ utilities and operators - SharpSSH - A Secure Shell (SSH) library for .NET More details here

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